Andy Goldsworthy project proposal

For this project I would like to photograph how other natural materials, such as flowers, leaves, and twigs interact with water. I’ll be on vacation in a forest-y area soon, so I’ll be able to find a lot of resources to work with. I like Goldsworthy’s photos when he created a chain with flowers and leaves and had it float in water, so I will try to do something like that.


Andy Goldsworthy Project

After watching a documentary on Andy Goldsworthy, our class went to the park to take photos in his style. Goldsworthy does environmental photography where he creates sculptures using objects he finds in his environment, such as rocks, leaves, or twigs. This was a challenge for me because this type of photography is very different from my style. Also, we did not have as much time or resources as him for our pictures, but this is what we created.


About Me

My name is Nadezhda Ryan. I was born and live in Tucson, Arizona and am currently a student at CDO High School. I hope to continue with photography professionally, and am interested in photojournalism. Other things I enjoy are dance, art, poetry, Netflix, and dogs. Outside of school, I dance ballet and would like to pursue that as a career as well. I enjoy taking landscapes and portraits, and I plan to further define my photographic style.