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My photos tell a story in their individuality. They are not related to each other, story wise, but they all have a certain style and feeling to them. My work tends to use harsher lighting, such as the camera’s flash, to create contrast. The colors complement each other and are never too bright. I use texture a lot by photographing subjects with lots of small details. I am proud of my photos because they show how I see the world, as an artist. I wouldn’t change anything about these pieces, except for maybe make the cathedral photo less grainy. I’m very happy with how these pieces turned out.


artist statement

Nadezhda Ryan


I think I have a natural ability to see art in the world. I take photos of what I feel could be a good photo. Photography has always interested me, but not until I started high school was I able to get actual photography education. I love all forms of art, but I enjoy photography so much because it allows much more instant gratification than other art forms, such as painting or writing. I have too many ideas to articulate, and photography lets me make as much art as possible. Other mediums like painting and drawing are difficult for me because I start so many projects and never finish any of them. I have too many ideas an d visions to make them all reality.

Some artists that I like and that inspire me are John Singer Sargent and Yumna al-Arashi. Both use similar elements in their work as I do, such as colors that complement each other well, framing, and subject matter. I am especially influenced by Yumna al-Arashi in that I would like to do photojournalism and freelance photography as well. Other photographers I like are Sally Mann, Ansel Adams, Alfred Stieglitz, and Richard Avedon. I also love good cinematography, such as in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Her, Requiem for a Dream, and Black Swan.

My method for taking photos would be a direct approach, or point-and-shoot. The equipment I use varies- I usually take photos with whatever I have most readily available, whether it’s an iPhone or an actual DSLR camera. I don’t use any special lenses, and I don’t like to do much post-production editing, if any. I think photographs, mine at least, look best as they are taken. When taking photos, I don’t think about the ‘rules’ or ‘guidelines’ of photography very much; I do what comes naturally to me. I look for good composition in the world- you can find a good photo anywhere if you try hard enough.

My photos often have a nice color scheme, and are never super bright and colorful. Personally, I really don’t like bright colors, so this translates into my work, even if it is not all black and white. Many of my photos are landscapes, but I would like to work on more portraits. To me, portraits are better if they are candid, or at least semi-candid. You can see more genuinely who a person is, because you are seeing them as they are, rather than who they want you to see.

I hope to continue with photography professionally and to do documentary photography, editorial work, and freelance photography. I’m still learning and I’m sure my style will grow and evolve over time.