in a dark dark wood



la luna



Discourse of your course & there finding rhyme, all the while searching yours & there finding mine.                                                                                                        – Stephen Millard




Andy Goldsworthy Project Final


These are the best photos I was able to take in Andy Goldsworthy’s style. This project was difficult for me because his style is so different than mine, and I wasn’t able to get some of the shots I was hoping to, especially the ones using water. Overall, though, I am not completely disappointed with the outcome. I like the photos I did get, even though this wasn’t my favorite assignment to do.

long exposure project


This was a really fun assignment to do. A bunch of photography classmates and I went on a hike at night to get the photos- hiking in the desert in complete darkness is not something I thought I would be doing for this class, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I learned a lot about how my camera works, and how to take long exposure photos. I especially love the shots of the city lights, and how all of the colors come together. Overall, I am happy with the results of this project. 🙂

Andy Goldsworthy project proposal

For this project I would like to photograph how other natural materials, such as flowers, leaves, and twigs interact with water. I’ll be on vacation in a forest-y area soon, so I’ll be able to find a lot of resources to work with. I like Goldsworthy’s photos when he created a chain with flowers and leaves and had it float in water, so I will try to do something like that.



For a class project on long exposure, a bunch of my classmates and I went on a hike. It was one of the best times I’ve had. 🙂 These are some non-long exposure shots that I took. I love the color gradient that the setting sun creates against the still blue sky.